IMPORTANT! Please read

1. To obtain passes for building up/ dismantling for specialists of the company involved with the design of the booth/ booth preparation, not with its construction (it means for those people who do not have build up passes), you need to write a letter on a company letterhead addressed to the director of the exhibition Elena Guseva with a request to issue build up passes for the following people: first and last names of the employees, their passport details. Then please get an approval/ signature of Exhibition Directorate of "Expocentre". Please also have a power of attorney from your company to get those build up passes in the Service Expo.

2.  Approval for bringing in / moving-out of equipment

In the case of delivery of presentation equipment owned by a third party, as well as the importation of radio electronic facilities and high frequency units (REE and HF) the following documents must be obtained:

-       Approval for bringing-in on the territory of  "Expocentre" of LCD and plasma displays, powerful projectors, loudspeaker systems and stage lighting equipment - 5550 rubles., incl VAT.

-       Approval for bringing-in on the territory  of "Expocentre" radio-electronic facilities and high-frequency systems (RES and HF). The exhibitor must have a permission from the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor) for the use of radio frequencies or radio frequency channels on the territory of the  "Expocentre" - 5550 rubles., incl  VAT.

 - ATTENTION! Unauthorized delivery on the territory of "Expocentre" and operation of LCD and plasma displays, powerful projectors, loudspeaker systems and lighting, RES and RF devices are subjects to fines equal to 23600  rubles exc.. VAT (see. "Rates for Services" section "Penalties").


Welcome to the POWER-GEN Russia and HydroVision Russia 2016 Exhibitor Manual, where you will find all of the information you need to plan for the event.

Please be sure to read the EXHIBITOR CHECKLIST in the General Information section to ensure that you understand fully what is required of you as an exhibitor.

We would like to wish you all the best in the run up to the event; Please do not hesitate to contact your Exhibit Service Manager or any member of the team should you have any queries, comments or concerns, we are all here to help you!

Claudette Hultzer                                             
Exhibit Service Manager - World Wide                        
T: +44 1992 656 637                                      

Anna Ivantsova
Exhibit Service Manager - Russia & CIS
T: +7 495 258 31 36



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